Procurement Science Lab

Business Overview

Through my experience of material procurement and purchacing for 32 years, I will support creating a procurement department that can contribute directly to business management. It is necessary to clarify your company's principle and vision to form a strong procurement department that meet the expectations of the executives. I will support to enhance the additional values and benefits by consulting how to construct a win-win relationship with partners, and how to cooperate with other departments to achieve the objective.

Motive of Establishment

The work of procurement and purchasing in a company is broad, and it is becoming more complex in these few years, due to global sourcing, OEM/ODM business expansion, modular purchasing and so on. However many of top management aren't satisfied with performance of procurement organization in spite of their hard work.

In the midst of global economics, the questions, what is the core value of the company, and what should we procure from others, are the basis of business management. We have to clarify the principle and the vision of a business in order to efficiently and sufficiently apply limited budget and human resource in the procurement organization.

To support the basis of business by procurement organization which manages a big part of costs, I would like to change the organization to a truly contributing group that can create additional values and profits.

I have established Procurement Science Lab. to help a part of those kinds of situations.

Career of the Representative

Satoshi Fujita

  • 1958 Born in Niigata, Japan.
  • 1981 Graduated Keio University, Japan. Bachelor in Political Science. Joined Sony Corporation.
  • 1988-1991 and 1995-2003 Transferred to Sony Electronics Inc. in US at several cities with head for procurement organization.
  • 2009 Senior General Manager of Procurement Headquarters, Sony Corporation.
  • 2013 Established Procurement Science Lab. (Director of JAMS)

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